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First and foremost SunMoon Yoga is here to serve you, the entire experience is set up for your benefit. SunMoon Yoga believes Karma Yoga (selfless service) serves as a great model of behavior for individuals and businesses alike. More than a corporation we want a companionship: SunMoon's biggest wish is for a transformational change in your practice, life and experience of the world. 


SunMoon Yoga was founded as a for-profit corporation* on August 29 2016 by Luke Wilkinson. Integrated with the traditional ideologies of yoga into our business structure we believe this creates an everlasting foundation. SunMoon formed with only one employee, Luke, who started the company in an effort to share the truly transformational practice of yoga. 



*We would like to acknowledge that for-profit businesses have a bad reputation and for good reasons. Many for-profit businesses become so focused on the profits that they develop a numbness for all the tragedy they end up causing whether directly or indirectly. SunMoon wants you to know that we pledge to be in the service of you and that just because we have more control over how we spend our profits does not mean that it will cause the detriment of others, nay we want to prove that a for-profit corporation can bring about an uplifting change throughout all of humanity. Do not simply take our word for it, please observe our behaviors for yourself and you be the judge!

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