What do you think of when I say... health?

           Whole, Wholesome, Holy and Healthy; Well, Wellness and Wealthy, are the similarities a mere coincidence? I think not. Many times in our societies, health is confused to mean the "absence of disease" and being 'wealthy' only applies to monetary wealth with other aspects being left out completely. I propose a different definition for these terms; a definition combining the definition of health and (the true meaning) of wealth. This definition being "the abscense of disease (not sick or injured) and in harmony with the nature of the body, mind, heart and soul." By combining health and wealth you can see how they are interconnected and make sense together. For example, what is the point of being 'wealthy' in the sense of having many worldly possessions but not being able to take care of the body (lack of food and medicine), the mind (chronic stress and depression), the spirit (irregular or non-existent spiritual practice) and/or the heart (the point where the aforementioned meet)? In contrast, say that you never get sick, the common meaning of health, but you also never feel great you simply live in limbo day to day, week to week. These examples show the importance of the marriage of health and wealth.


          Now that the true forms of health and wealth have been defined, which we call Health with a capital 'H', how do we achieve this state? Many ancient teachers knew there was more to Health than not getting sick but over the years the teachings have been translated improperly or disregarded in order to make room for the new form of medicine, especially in the West where our system is known as Allopathy (all/o meaning "other" or "different" and -pathy meaning "disease" or "suffering," or as I like to say "all about suffering and disease"). Why would we want a system that is all about the suffering and diseases and does not include the wholesome and wellness of the individual and community beyond that? This is where the teachings of the ancients come in to play. By getting back to medicinal practices that have been around for thousands of years combined with the significant scientific advances made since then, we as a human race can live a life with more profound Health and longevity than ever before! 


          While there are many great teachings out there; that of the natives of the Americas (North and South), Africa, Australia and Asia, I have only studied those teachings hailing from the Vedas, the ancient texts of the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda happens to be one of, if not, the oldest medicinal practices still in use today (it's only competition being Ancient Chinese medicine). Basically Ayurveda is a system devised to treat the individual as a whole recognizing everyone is different and has a different constitution, or prakrti. Ayurveda is not something/someone you only do or consult whenever disease arises, Ayurveda is largely preventative and applies to all aspects of your life. Combining Ayurveda with its sister science Yoga results in a life with true Health and a felt-sense of well-being. Pleased click this link to learn more about Ayurveda.

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