About Me!

     First and foremost, my name is Luke Wilkinson. I was born in Atlanta, GA but was raised in Charleston, SC from the age of three. Charleston is where I discovered yoga (the modern version anyway). I bounced between yoga studios practicing various forms of yoga including the popular versions, bikram and vinyasa flow. While I always felt like I got a great workout, I knew there was something missing. The closest I felt to a true practice was during outdoor sessions where the instructor slowed down the flow.

     After practicing western yoga for some odd years and making my move down to Tampa, Fl; my mother-in-law introduced the Amrit Yoga Institute to me. Located in Salt Springs, Fl; the AYI is led by a traditional yoga master, Yogi Amritji Desai. After twenty days spent with him at his ashram in 2016, I became a certified yoga instructor and now want to share what I have learned: what yoga truly is, with everyone.

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